Types of Emissions Inspection Exemptions

New Vehicle Exemption

If your vehicle was manufactured within five years of the current year, you are most likely exempt from emissions inspections until the vehicle is older than five years. However, if you have a reconstructed or special-constructed vehicle, you will require an emissions test regardless of the vehicle's age.

Out of State Exemption

To qualify, your vehicle must be out of the state for at least the 90 days prior to your registration expiring. Then:

  • If your vehicle is in an area of a state (other than Arizona) that requires emissions testing, you must have the vehicle's emissions tested there and submit the original passing vehicle inspection report (not a copy) to ADEQ
  • If your vehicle is in an area of a state (other than Arizona) that does not require emissions testing, you can apply for an Out of State Exemption | Apply Now >

Military Out of State Exemption

To qualify, you must show proof that your active military status has stationed you outside Arizona and the vehicle in question is not in use. | Apply Now >

If the vehicle is to be driven by someone else, please use the regular Out of State Exemption (above).

Vehicle is Registered Outside of  Area A or B Exemption

Vehicles registered outside area A & B (metropolitan Phoenix and Tucson) are not required to have an Arizona vehicle emissions inspection. Your vehicle must reside at a zip code that is not in area A & B. Not sure if your zip code qualifies? | Zip Code Look-Up >